Why MO Right to Life Won’t End Abortion [VIDEO]

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On Tuesday, March 14th Missouri Right to Life (MRL) had a rally at the Missouri capitol. At this rally, they had several speakers and it was a big deal, lots of people showed up and talked to their legislators. Well, here is the deal. If you want abortion to end, that must be a goal you set. MRL does not have ending abortion as a goal. Look at their web site (see the image below or click HERE), they want abortion to be legal for babies conceived in rape or incest.


MRL told the people at the rally to ask their representatives and senators to make sure abortion mills are inspected yearly. Inspected? Are you serious? These abortion mills murder millions of children a year (about 5,000 a year in Missouri) and the leading “Pro-life” group in Missouri wants the clinics to be inspected?

MRL has ran out of arguments for defending their position. Today when their Legislative Liaison Susan Klein was asked why they don’t support legislation to end abortion she said that the courts will not be in favor of the legislation. NEWS FLASH, When the courts are wrong, it is the duty of the legislature to correct them.

Currently there are three bills filed in the Missouri House that, if passed by the house and senate, would end abortion in Missouri. MRL does not support any of the bills, even though one of the bills (HB709) has MRL’s amendment attached.

Just FYI, the Roe V. Wade decision was given to us by a majority republican appointed supreme court.

Watch the Video below for more information.