MISSOURI Voter’s Guide

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 Click here or on the printer image for a printer friendly version. Presidential Election For United States President The Right Agenda recommends a Vote for Donald J. Trump MISSOURI STATEWIDE ELECTIONS  VOTE AGAINST ANY TAX. Constitutional Amendment 1 (continuing of one-tenth sales/use tax) – VOTE NO Constitutional Amendment 2 (limiting free speech through campaign contributions) – […]

Missouri House to Consider Rep. Mike Moon’s Constitutional Amendment to Protect the Health and Life of Women and Unborn Children

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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – As the Missouri House prepares to discuss a proposed constitutional amendment to clarify that unborn children are persons with a constitutional right to life, the bill’s sponsor says it is time for concerned citizens to break their silence regarding the continued murder of the unborn. HJR 98 sponsor, state Rep. Mike […]

Unions Are Spending Forced Dues On Planned Parenthood?!?!!

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  Human life should be protected in every stage of development. If it wasn’t bad enough already… Unions take Pro-Life workers money and give it to Planned Parenthood. Pro Life workers can’t do a thing about it. Unions have far too much power. Every person should have the option to work for a company With or […]