Several Abortion Bills in Missouri Explained

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There has been some confusion in Missouri about bills that aim to stop abortion once and for all. I will attempt to explain them now.


The first bill is HJR 18. HJR 18 is a constitutional amendment that, if passed by the Missouri house and senate,would be sent to the people to vote on in the general election of 2018. The amendment would require due process and equal protection under the law before taking the life of unborn child. This resolution is affirming life at conception and is often referred to as personhood.

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The second bill is HB 709 ‘The Missouri Right to Life Act’. This bill is similar to HJR 18 but, instead of a constitutional amendment, this bill would change the state statutes. HB 709 will need to pass the Missouri House, Senate and be signed by the Governor. Both HJR 18 and HB 709 were filed by representative Mike Moon and aim to do virtually the same thing. The title of the bill is meant to inform the public that Missouri Right to Life has refused to help legislators in Missouri end abortion.

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The third bill is HB 1177. HB 1177 was filed by representative Jeff Pogue. This bill makes abortion completely illegal and declares that any person who “performs, procures or attempts to perform an abortion” will be guilty of First Degree Murder. HB 1177 also removes all regulations on abortion.

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The Never Again Act is a bill that would require an exhibit about the history of abortion (tools used and the effects those same tools have on the aborted victims) be included in the capitol museum. The exhibit will be required to be next to the exhibit on slavery. The Never Again Act was filed by representative Mike Moon.

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Jeff Pogue has another bill, HB 1176. This bill further grants the unborn equal protection under the law.

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