Private Land Taken by the Federal Government

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Groom Mine aerial photo

The Groom Mine is 400 acres and has been owned by the Sheahan family for approximately 130 years. Now the land has been unjustly seized by the United States Air Force (USAF) wrongfully using eminent domain.

According to Sheahan family several highly qualified experts recently visited the property and provided thoroughly detailed and well-supported valuing their property between $44 million to $116 million. One expert opines that, in removing the Sheahans from their property, the USAF stands to gain between $444 million to $2 billion per year.

Knowing the value of the property, you will laugh at what the USAF is attempting to purchase the property for, $333,300. What a joke!

The Federal government is forcing  the Sheahans from property that has been theirs for approximately 130 years.

“This is a prime example of the Federal Government overstepping its boundaries and bullying its own people as though the law doesn’t apply to them,” said Joe Sheahan, one of 22 property owners.

The Family is now just trying to get a fair payment for the property. The federal government wants to only give them $333,300 when it is worth between $44 million to $116 million.

Hold the Government accountable and do not let private land be stolen from Americans.

CALL the congress people over the area and tell them to quit ignoring the Sheahans and to HELP THE SHEAHAN FAMILY GET FAIR PAY FOR THEIR LAND AND THEIR PERSONAL BELONGINGS.

Phone Numbers Below:

Sen Harry Reid: (202) 224-3542
Sen Dean Heller: (202) 224-6244
Rep Joe Heck: (202) 225-3252
Rep Mark Amodei: (202) 225-6155
Rep Cresent Hardy: (202) 225-9894
Rep Dina Titus: (202) 225-5965
Gov Brian Sandoval (775) 684-5670 or Email the Governor

Many of us may never know what it’s like to have land taken from us but this is the situation the Sheahan family faces. Please share this story and help others learn about their situation.

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More unlawful acts committed by the USAF affecting the Sheahans

While the government is not willing to properly compensate the family for the loss, the government stands to gain an enormous windfall, yet continues to offer the unjust amount of $333,300.

Prior to the taking of the property in 2015, the USAF committed numerous, unlawful acts that infringed upon the family’s health, ability to make a living and the unalienable rights afforded to them. Such acts include the government holding family members at gunpoint on their own property and the testing and detonation of atomic bombs just miles away from where the family and their children were living. The fallout from the blasts landed on several family members and their animals, resulting in the death of horses and eventually family members, who died from cancer brought on by radiation.

In 1984, the USAF attempted to secretly withdraw 89,000 acres of land, which included the 400-acre Groom Mine Property, for the USAF’s sole use. This act would have been a clear taking of the Sheahan Family Property, although the USAF was not offering any compensation for the taking of their land. When this grossly unconstitutional act was discovered, then Governor Richard Bryan, Congresswoman Barbara Vucanovich and Harry Reid intervened, and testified on behalf of the family to prevent the unconstitutional seizure. The USAF admitted its unlawful conduct and swore to congress that they would take nothing from the Sheahan’s property as a result of the withdrawal and guaranteed that the Sheahans would maintain ownership of the Groom Mine Property without fear of restricted access.

This latest action by the USAF appears to be another attempt to force the Sheahan Family to surrender their unique property for less than the constitutionally mandated “just compensation.”

About Groom Mine Property

Click on the picture to find Groom Mine on FaceBook

The historic Groom Mine Property has been owned and operated by the Sheahan family since 1885. Rich in several precious metals including lead and silver, the land is also wealthy in history. For 70 years, the Sheahan family has worked tirelessly to cooperate with government officials to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship. The family has preserved all rights to their property during this time even though the government has consistently disregarded the family’s Constitutional Rights.



Source: Press Release from Groom Mine