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Source: Liberator.News Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts signed Legislative Bill 45 into law Wednesday, which allows the creation of “Choose Life” license plates. The bill passed 35-5 in the Legislature, despite fierce opposition in the form of filibusters during every round of debate. The license plates will cost an additional $5 and proceeds will supplement federal […]

Why MO Right to Life Won’t End Abortion [VIDEO]

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On Tuesday, March 14th Missouri Right to Life (MRL) had a rally at the Missouri capitol. At this rally, they had several speakers and it was a big deal, lots of people showed up and talked to their legislators. Well, here is the deal. If you want abortion to end, that must be a goal […]

Undercover Israeli forces (Mistaravim) arrest an Arab terrorist. [Israel News Online]

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SOURCE: Isreal News Online WATCH: Real life FAUDA. Undercover Israeli forces (Mistaravim), two of which are dressed as Arab women, arrest an Arab terrorist. Incredible footage of Mistaravim at the height of the action, as cameras roll. Two automatic rifles were found in the terrorist’s vehicle.     Wait for video to load. If you […]

Muslims Take Four Year Old Girl, Behead Her, And Then Force Her Mother To Soak Her Hands In Her Daughter’s Blood []

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  SOURCE: ISIS terrorists took a four year old girl and beheaded her, and then forced her mother to soak her hand in her own daughter’s blood. According to one report: Islamic State terrorists have beheaded a 4-year-old girl in the group’s Syrian stronghold of Raqqa and forced her mother to soak her hands […]


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Source:   JEFFERSON CITY, MO – A Missouri legislator has filed a bill that would ban abortion as murder in Missouri with no exceptions. Representative Jeff Pogue’s bill, House Bill 1177, states that “No person in this state shall perform, procure, or attempt to perform an abortion. Any individual who violates the provisions of this section […]

NARAL, Planned Parenthood & ACLU Actively Opposing Efforts in Missouri

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NARAL, Planned Parenthood and the ACLU are actively opposing eforts to end in Missouri. They are pressuring legislators not to support ending abortion. Representative Mike Moon had this to share. “Please call your legislators and ask them to stand strong and end abortion. Tell them about HJR18 and HB709.”