Information About Efforts to End Abortion [IMPORTANT]

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After seeing the video above on Facebook about donating to Right to Life it is important to note some things about the various efforts to end abortion.

While this may be hard to hear, the “right to life” groups appear to have no interest in ending abortion. I work at the Missouri Capitol. While at the Capitol, Missouri Right to Life lobbyists stated they would not testify in support of legislation that would end abortion. In fact, during a hearing which three bills related to abortion was heard, Missouri Right to Life and other “pro-life” lobbyists testified in support of two bills, then before a bill which would lead to the end of abortion was heard, they gathered their belongings and left the hearing room.

We learned in short order that this attitude (of regulating, not ending abortion) was not limited to Missouri Right to Life and other groups in the state, rather, it is a nationwide sentiment… and it is a real problem. Many legislators are fighting abortion but the “right to life” groups are fighting against legislative efforts to bring an end to abortion.  Missouri Right to Life lobbyists actually approached legislators to encourage them to oppose bills filed which would directly challenge Roe v. Wade (and call for an end to abortion in Missouri).

The “right to life” groups appear to have no interest in ending abortion. In Idaho, Senator Dan Foreman was asked to not file legislation to stop abortion. Here in Missouri we have heard similar stories. I’ve heard of more across the U.S.

These “right to life” groups take money (donations) from people who believe the goal is to end abortion, but the money does not go to end abortion. The money actually is being used to prevent abortion from ending by standing in the way and blocking well-meaning legislators from doing their job. (This is tantamount to FRAUD.)

I would like to tell you to donate to groups that support ending abortion, but there are not many that I am aware of. There is a group here in Missouri called “Missourians for the Unborn” and “Concerned Women for America”. Other than that, the only groups I know that truly want to end all abortions are groups called “Abolish Human Abortion”.

There is also the option of raising money for the legislators fighting abortion. The legislators can use their campaign funds to print materials and inform people of the fight against abortion.

Here is a list of legislators who have filed legislation that would end abortion completely. They need support. The so-called “right to life” groups work against them.

Representative Mike Moon – from Missouri

Representative Jeff Pogue – from Missouri

Senator Dan Foreman – from Idaho

Representative Tony Tinderholt – from Texas

Representative Curt Nisly – from Indiana

Senator Joseph Silk – from Oklahoma