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Episode 02 – Podcast 2015

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It’s that time again for another edition of conservative talk show podcasting with your trusty friends, James and Rush!

Episode 02- Podcast
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In this episode we talk about:

  • Planned Parenthood
  • Cecil the Lion
  • Gun and Hunting Rights



Planned Parenthood

Here are the 38 companies that have directly funded Planned Parenthood.

  1. Adobe
  2. American Cancer Society
  3. American Express
  4. AT&T
  5. Avon
  6. Bank of America
  7. Bath & Body Works
  8. Ben & Jerry’s
  9. Clorox
  10. Converse
  11. Deutsche Bank
  12. Dockers
  13. Energizer
  14. Expedia
  15. ExxonMobil
  16. Fannie Mae
  17. Groupon
  18. Intuit
  19. Johnson & Johnson
  20. La Senza
  21. Levi Strauss
  22. Liberty Mutual
  23. Macy’s
  24. March of Dimes
  25. Microsoft
  26. Morgan Stanley
  27. Nike
  28. Oracle
  29. PepsiCo
  30. Pfizer
  31. Progressive
  32. Starbucks
  33. Susan G. Komen
  34. Tostitos
  35. Unilever
  36. United Way
  37. Verizon
  38. Wells Fargo

Xerox says it was was erroneously listed on Planned Parenthood’s website as having been a donor. “We have communicated with Planned Parenthood. They have removed Xerox from this list of companies that match gifts to the organization. It was not correct,” a Xerox representative told The Daily Signal.

A Ford Motor Co. representative contacted The Daily Signal claiming they had been erroneously listed on Planned Parenthood’s website, and have contacted Planned Parenthood to be removed.

Coca-Cola also asked Planned Parenthood to remove it from the website. “The Coca-Cola Company does not contribute to Planned Parenthood,” a representative told The Daily Signal. “We do not match employee contributions to Planned Parenthood.”

Hilary Clinton Getting Money from Planned Parenthood:

The former secretary of state collected nearly $10,000 from nine individuals who work for the country’s largest abortion provider, including from several high ranking executives at the billion-dollar operation. The first quarter fundraising total nearly matches the amount Clinton received over the course of her previous three political runs.

House Recipients:
Total to Democrats: $404,907
Total to Republicans: $2,823

Adams, Alma (D-NC) $5,199
Aguilar, Pete (D-CA) $7,500
Appel, Staci (D-IA) $3,588
Ashford, Brad (D-NE) $500
Barber, Ron (D-AZ) $5,000
Becerra, Xavier (D-CA) $1,000
Belgard, Aimee (D-NJ) $7,500
Bera, Ami (D-CA) $8,610
Beyer, Don (D-VA) $2,286
Bishop, Timothy H (D-NY) $10,000
Bonamici, Suzanne (D-OR) $1,000
Brownley, Julia (D-CA) $10,000
Bustos, Cheri (D-IL) $8,000
Byrnes, Pam (D-MI) $3,500
Cain, Emily (D-ME) $8,906
Callis, Ann (D-IL) $2,500
Capps, Lois (D-CA) $10,000
Carson, Andre (D-IN) $647
Castro, Joaquin (D-TX) $1,000
Cho, Roy (D-NJ) $1,000
Clark, Katherine (D-MA) $2,000
Clay, William L Jr (D-MO) $1,000
Cleaver, Emanuel (D-MO) $1,000
Clyburn, James E (D-SC) $1,000
Cohen, Steve (D-TN) $274
Coleman, Bonnie (D-NJ) $2,500
Crowley, Joseph (D-NY) $0
Davis, Danny K (D-IL) $1,000
DeGette, Diana (D-CO) $2,500
DeLauro, Rosa L (D-CT) $2,997
DelBene, Suzan (D-WA) $9,732
Duckworth, Tammy (D-IL) $3,500
Eldridge, Sean (D-NY) $8,699
Enyart, William (D-IL) $0
Esty, Elizabeth (D-CT) $10,000
Fjeld, Laura (D-NC) $500
Foster, Bill (D-IL) $4,500
Foust, John (D-VA) $7,397
Frankel, Lois J (D-FL) $2,000
Fudge, Marcia L (D-OH) $1,000
Gabbard, Tulsi (D-HI) $3,000
Gallego, Pete (D-TX) $6,000
Gallego, Ruben (D-AZ) $5,000
Garcia, Joe (D-FL) $10,000
Graham, Gwen (D-FL) $5,500
Grayson, Alan (D-FL) $2,000
Grijalva, Raul M (D-AZ) $1,000
Grisham, Michelle Lujan (D-NM) $3,000
Gutierrez, Luis V (D-IL) $1,000
Hanna, Richard (R-NY) $2,823
Heck, Dennis (D-WA) $1,000
Himes, Jim (D-CT) $2,500
Holt, Rush (D-NJ) $1,000
Honda, Mike (D-CA) $1,012
Horsford, Steven (D-NV) $1,000
Hoyer, Steny H (D-MD) $1,000
Israel, Steve (D-NY) $5,726
Kelly, Robin (D-IL) $3,500
Kilmer, Derek (D-WA) $1,000
Kirkpatrick, Ann (D-AZ) $10,000
Kohn, Erin Bilbray (D-NV) $6,615
Kovach, Janice (D-NJ) $500
Kuster, Ann Mclane (D-NH) $7,500
Lara, Rocky (D-NM) $2,500
Lee, Barbara (D-CA) $1,000
Lewis, John (D-GA) $0
Lewis, John (D-MT) $1,000
Lieu, Ted (D-CA) $1,038
Lowey, Nita M (D-NY) $1,822
Maffei, Dan (D-NY) $10,000
Maloney, Sean Patrick (D-NY) $10,000
Moore, Gwen (D-WI) $5,000
Mowrer, Jim (D-IA) $2,500
Murphy, Pat (D-IA) $1,500
Murphy, Patrick E (D-FL) $10,000
Nadler, Jerrold (D-NY) $1,000
Nolan, Rick (D-MN) $2,500
O’Rourke, Beto (D-TX) $1,000
Obermueller, Mike (D-MN) $1,000
Owens, Bill (D-NY) $1,000
Pallone, Frank Jr (D-NJ) $1,000
Pelosi, Nancy (D-CA) $1,000
Peters, Scott (D-CA) $9,791
Pingree, Chellie (D-ME) $2,500
Quigley, Mike (D-IL) $1,000
Recchia, Domenic (D-NY) $6,000
Renteria, Amanda (D-CA) $6,000
Rice, Kathleen (D-NY) $3,500
Robertson, Martha (D-NY) $4,646
Ruiz, Raul (D-CA) $10,000
Rush, Bobby L (D-IL) $0
Savary, Suzanne Joyce (D-CA) $500
Schakowsky, Jan (D-IL) $3,330
Schneider, Brad (D-IL) $6,924
Scott, David (D-GA) $1,000
Sewell, Terri A (D-AL) $1,000
Shea-Porter, Carol (D-NH) $10,000
Sinema, Kyrsten (D-AZ) $10,000
Sink, Alex (D-FL) $5,168
Sinner, George (D-ND) $500
Slaughter, Louise M (D-NY) $2,000
Speier, Jackie (D-CA) $1,000
Strouse, Kevin (D-PA) $1,000
Takai, Mark (D-HI) $5,000
Takano, Mark (D-CA) $1,000
Titus, Dina (D-NV) $1,000
Torres, Norma (D-CA) $5,000
Trivedi, Manan (D-PA) $2,500
Tsongas, Niki (D-MA) $1,000
Veasey, Marc (D-TX) $2,500
Wager, Michael (D-OH) $2,000
Wakefield, Margie (D-KS) $500
Waters, Maxine (D-CA) $1,000
Waxman, Henry (D-CA) $1,000
Woolf, Aaron (D-NY) $3,500

Senate Recipients:
Total to Democrats: $181,188
Total to Republicans: $0

Begich, Mark (D-AK) $9,000
Booker, Cory (D-NJ) $8,182
Braley, Bruce (D-IA) $9,935
Coons, Chris (D-DE) $7,500
Curtis, Amanda (D-MT) $500
Durbin, Dick (D-IL) $9,000
Franken, Al (D-MN) $9,999
Grimes, Alison (D-KY) $10,000
Hagan, Kay R (D-NC) $9,811
Hutto, Brad (D-SC) $168
Markey, Ed (D-MA) $17,290
Merkley, Jeff (D-OR) $8,999
Nunn, Michelle (D-GA) $7,500
Peters, Gary (D-MI) $9,999
Reed, Jack (D-RI) $6,000
Schatz, Brian (D-HI) $5,000
Shaheen, Jeanne (D-NH) $8,899
Tennant, Natalie (D-WV) $2,500
Udall, Mark (D-CO) $10,000
Udall, Tom (D-NM) $7,500
Walsh, John (D-MT) $8,999
Warner, Mark (D-VA) $9,407
Weiland, Rick (D-SD) $5,000

Republican/GOP Leaders to DEFUND Planned Parenthood:

Eighteen House conservatives told GOP leaders July 30, 21015 that they will not support any measure to fund the government if it continues to fund Planned Parenthood.

“We must act to fully defund Planned Parenthood,” they wrote in a letter obtained by The Hill. “Please know that we cannot and will not support any funding resolution — an appropriations bill, an omnibus package, a continuing resolution, or otherwise — that contains any funding for Planned Parenthood, including mandatory funding streams.”

The letter was addressed to Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) and Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.), who all have expressed concern about several leaked videos that show Planned Parenthood officials caught on hidden cameras discussing aborted fetal tissue.
“It is imperative that Congress do everything within its power to investigate these reports and take immediate action to stop them,” the Republicans wrote, adding that they want leadership to hold a conference meeting as soon as possible to discuss the GOP’s plan.

The letter was signed by Reps. Mick Mulvaney (R-S.C.), Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), John Fleming (R-La.), Raúl Labrador (R-Idaho), Matt Salmon (R-Ariz.) Tim Huelskamp (R-Kan.), Jeff Duncan (R-S.C.) Thomas Massie (R-Ky.), Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.), Walter Jones (R-N.C.), Curt Clawson (R-Fla.), Jim Bridenstine (R-Okla.), Keith Rothfus (R-Pa.), Randy Weber (R-Texas), Scott Perry (R-N.J.), Steven Pearce (R-N.M.), Trent Franks (R-Ariz.) and Louie Gohmert (R-Texas).